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Andrew Phelka, MS, ACE, AIS is a fitness and nutrition expert who combines education, experience and passion to bring you effective coaching and comprehensive presentations. You can be confident you will attain your goals with a program design based on Andrew’s background in biochemistry (B.S) and nutrition (M.S) at the University of Michigan and over two decades as a competitive athlete.

Personal Training

Working one-on-one, pairs, or groups, Andrew has years of experience and has worked with clients ranging from 12-91 years old. He will enthusiastically help you prepare for a specific event, shed body fat, or simply teach you how to efficiently and effectively exercise on your own. Set up a free consultation with Andrew at his 1000 sq.ft. home-based studio and get started today!

Nutritional Coaching

Have you ever worked with an expert in nutrition? Have you ever challenged your conventional wisdom with respect to food? Andrew’s Masters in Nutritional Science through the University of Michigan School of Public Health was only the start of his passionate pursuit of optimum human nutrition. Let him help you learn WHAT to eat WHEN for more energy, better performance and overall health! He can also help you sort through the supplements and antioxidants you REALLY need and devise a daily supplement regimen. Check out the Precision Nutrition website and let his master of its program help you!

Active Isolated Stretching

There is an optimal way to stretch. Disproven years ago, static stretching is the convention, but it isn’t the best. Dynamic, Active Isolated Stretching is the most effective. It’s amazing what you can do with a rope and seat belt. Many clients and athletes find that being stretched with this method is better and long lasting than a massage! It is both physically beneficial and relaxing. Try out stretches you’ve never seen or try an inversion table to decompress your inner-vertebral discs.

Public Speaking

Do you need to motivate your office, school, or community group? Are you looking for an entertaining, accurate, science-based message about food and/or exercise? Andrew can custom-design a presentation or bring you a lecture from one of his previous seminars to meet your needs. Andrew loves public speaking and would enjoy coming to your business, school, or group.

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